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The genesis of GrowthWorx started in the capital city of Accra Ghana 28 years ago. While contracted to support UN economic development projects in West Africa, William Eastman founder of GrowthWorx, realized he had more in common with the entrepreneurs / small business owners in the programme than his own family, and they were the most important element of any economy. He spent the entire decade of the 1990's researching entrepreneurial capitalism and developing application tools that help entrepreneurs / business owners achieve fast and sustainable growth.

GrowthWorx opened it's doors in 2005 in Calgary Alberta and has over the last 14 years expanded to Partners in Las Vegas, Kansas City, and Richmond.

What Is Your True North?

What Is Your True North?

Growth-Worx Media


The Mission of Growth-Worx Media is to  “surround the entrepreneur & business owner with knowledge essential to create and sustain a fast growth business”

How To Gain Access 

  • Terrestrial Radio: Biz Growth Radio – Solutions on Demand. This is our Friday morning broadcast on WNTW 820AM / 92.7FM @9:06. It is a 51 minute show that covers the "how to's" on the growth topic of the day. 
  • Internet Radio: Biz Growth Radio – Solutions on Demand. This is our bi-weekly broadcast on IBGR (Internet Business Growth Radio) on topics of interest to entrepreneur & business owners. Check scheduling for our broadcast times and topics. 
  • Soundcloud  is our archiving service and contains all of WNTW podcasts for Android users.
  • iTUNES is our archiving service and contains all of IBGR podcasts for Apple users. 
  • is our blog site for entrepreneurs & business owners containing all the Show Notes from our various channels.
  • GrowthWorx Media is our youtube site for posting webinars and vlogs.

Managing Director and Program Manager for Growth-Worx Media

William Eastman has over 40 years in the consulting industry with both the Fortune 500 and small businesses. He heads up a team of broadcast experts to produce relevant programming. Bill is also a successful entrepreneur with 4 startups and shares all of that experience with his listening audience.

In the studio everyday delivering Solutions on Demand

In the studio everyday delivering Solutions on Demand

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